Laura Easley


Laura Easley has served on the Triumph Financial, Inc. (Nasdaq: TFIN) Board of Directors since 2020. She is also a director on the Board at Triumph Financial Services LLC and Triumph Insurance Group, Inc. and has served on the Board of Directors at TBK Bank, SSB since 2023.

Ms. Easley was the Chief Operating Officer of Transportation Insight, a leading enterprise solutions provider in the logistics and transportation industry, from 2012 until her retirement in 2019. She served in various other capacities at Transportation Insight from 2005 to 2019, including Chief Business Development Officer and Chief Solutions Officer.

Before Transportation Insight, Ms. Easley served in various capacities with Menlo Worldwide, The Complete Logistics Company and ABF Freight System.

Ms. Easley received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from Oklahoma State University. She served on the Board of Directors for the OSU Cowboy Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Ms. Easley’s extensive experience in business and transportation qualifies her to serve on our board of directors. 

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